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    At the outset,  we are indebted to the libraries, heritage archives and record rooms of Eastern Railway having a rich collection of books, periodicals, journals, photographs, original curios and scriptures. They have formed a foundation for essaying " Symphony of Progress".

 We are grateful to all the Principal Heads of the Departments, Divisional Railway Managers and Chief Workshop Managers of Eastern Railway and their teams. Their support in form of data and information gave us the vision to structure and finalise the ‘evolution’ section of the book.  Shri M.K. Das, Retd. PS to AGM, Eastern Railway with his concrete participation and suggestions has added a touch of modernity and heritage to the book. We thank him. 


We thank Shri A. Rama Rao, Retd. COPS, Eastern Railway for his focused, factual and pinpointed text. This was instrumental to shape the ‘genesis’ portion of the book.


Mohd. Mujibullah, a renowned philatelist and our Heritage Assistant deserves kudos for his exclusive collection which made the ‘Recollections’ portion of the book a reality.

We acknowledge the spadework of Shri D. Sengupta, Deputy Secretary (Special), Eastern Railway and Shri M.K. Sinha, Jr. Engineer (Computer) for assisting us in formatting the book. Our special thanks to the whole team of photographers of Eastern Railway.

Our special thanks extends to M/s. Adunique 76 for designing and printing the book. We also extend our warm acknowledgement to our family members, friends and well wishers who have motivated us wih their continuous support and inspiration.


We express our gratitude to Shri S.C. Sengupta, our General Manager, who bestowed upon us the responsibility to write ‘Symphony of Progress’ and set the direction for this venture.  We are also grateful to Shri Ramesh Chandra, Additional General Manager for his ever inspiring support and guidance. 


We extend our gratitude to all our customers for whom we work relentlessly for better and better services.


 Finally, we dedicate this book to all Eastern Railway employees past and present whose ever-enduring efforts keep the wheels of Eastern Railway moving.