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Instead of R M Stephenson’s ambitious plan of a more difficult direct line from Calcutta to Mirzapore, EIR in 1852 revised its plan and opted for Dwarkanath Tagore’s scheme of a line from Calcutta to Mirzapore and beyond via Rajmahal  alongside the river Ganges to take full advantage of the riverine traffic. The line from Khana to Rajmahal was sanctioned in 1852.


The line was extended up to Adjai in October 1858 and to Rajmahal in October 1859. It was opened to traffic on 15th October, 1860, by the first British Viceroy, Lord Canning.


To commemorate the opening of the line, Lord Canning on behalf of the  Government had a medal struck. Gold medals were given to Col. Baker, Consulting Engineer, Sir Macdonald Stephenson, MD and Agent of EIR, Mr. Turnbull, Chief Engineer and Silver medals to the rest.


When the line to Rajmahal was surveyed, it was believed that there was deep water near the town for navigation, but when by the time the line was constructed, the Ganges changed its course and withdrew from the town. It was, therefore felt necessary to take the line to Bhagalpur to stay close to the river.